21 Quick Weight Loss Strategies & Tricks for Women

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Many of us do not have time to use long weight loss strategy, test them for yourself, and read on the subject.  I made a list of ​​21 quick weight loss tricks and strategies for females, easy tricks to change your habits, and move your weight loss journey to the next level.

No need to try them all. Simply choose the ones that most suit you and check them out for yourself.

The Best Weight Loss Strategies & Tricks for Women

1. Stop thinking about how much ‘junk food’ eaten so far. Take your mind with something else, such as help with a cleansing diet.

2. The best time to weigh yourself is as soon as you get up and go to the toilet, of course, even before you eat breakfast.

3. Do not be afraid to eat. One thing is healthier, the second – less, but when you’re trying to avoid him, quite likely that the doctor will diagnose you with anorexia or bulimia.

4. Plan your meals, for example, take a 6-day meal plan. This will avoid eating at fast-food outlets, explaining the excuse: “I do not have time to make sandwiches to work.”

5. Buy yourself clothes that will be 2-3 sizes smaller than that which now wearing. It will help you motivate yourself to losing weight a few kilos

6. People who are slimming often go a step further. Not only they shed weight, but also to try to change their habits to avoid future such problems. Good will, if you take their example and move it to your quick weight loss

7. Do not eat anything at least an hour – two before bedtime. You can probably guess that at night your body loses a lot less weight – simply resting, so you do not burn as many calories as when you are doing something.

8. Go to gym class, Zumba, oriental dances, or simply buy a bicycle or go out to the gym and follow a fat loss workout plan for females.  Lift weights or do some bodyweight exercise regularly, or if you have a pedometer, do a minimum of 5,000 steps per day.

9. Everyone is different, among other things, by their habits, genetics, and the amount of time you spend practicing and so on. Therefore, remember to not strive for excellence or having “one’s body.” Just upgrade the ones you already have.

10. Instead of eating non-stop the same meals, try to replace them with fewer calorie counterparts, such as regular milk to soy.

11. A set of general advice: Find yourself a sport that you’ll like, or drink the same water or other healthy drinks, for example. Green tea (reduces stress), chew gum after a meal (best flavor, without added sweeteners) to prevent snacking.

12. Adventure with weight loss, like any other, begins with the first step. However, do not go alone – find someone among family or friends in whom you could have support throughout the process. You can join the Facebook group, a local club or look for such people on internet forums.

13. Getting rid of the sugar itself that is not a super-healthy, help you lose weight even 3-4 kilograms in a few weeks. Of course, I remember that everybody reacts differently to it.

14. Take a long, relaxing walk with your favorite time and the day of the week.

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15. If you notice that your weight increases – do not panic. If you regularly exercise and lift weights – it can be your muscles.

16. Drink water before and after each meal or snack. Drink it well after each workout session to replenish water well. The body is composed mostly of just water, so you might want to look at it.

17. End of soda – from now on, forever. Do yourself a permanent change and instead soda just drink plain water – contains no calories or sugar.

18. Weigh yourself every day, then save yourself your average weight for the whole 7 days. And now an interesting method, which differs little from rapid weight loss. Instead of focusing on that to lose weight, eg. 10 kg for a week (if you think this is possible?) Do what we can to make this the average weight of the whole week was getting smaller. It will certainly be a healthier solution.

19. Also, remember that you do not need to lose weight if your weight falls within the normal range. You can check your BMI. Focus on health and well-being rather than strive for excellence in your body (which does not really exist!).

20. Do not try to starve yourself , unless you plan to take a hunger strike for a limited time

21. Try to avoid losing more than 1 kg per week. Too fast weight loss can cause you to lose muscle mass instead of fat.

These are the working and easier weight loss strategies that every girl on earth can follow.