Bottled water vs tap water – What should you choose to drink?

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The past few years, all over world bottled water sales have increased rapidly.

People believe that bottled water is better than tap water, is it really true? In comparison to tap water, bottled water is considered tastier and safer. In some developed countries safety regulation for tap water is more strict than bottled water.

Due to the harmful effects of plastic on earth people are now thinking that they should drink bottled water or not. To answer this, we need to think about different factors like taste, purity, sustainability, and more.

In this comprehensive article, we are explaining every factor and will compare bottled and tap water on these factors and will try to figure out which water is good for drinking and the environment.

1 Taste

It has always been a matter of debate among people as to which of these two tastes better.

Most of the people believe that the test of bottled water is good, but some case studies have proved it wrong. In developed countries where water treatment equipment is better, the taste of tap water is better than bottled water.

In a news show in America, they conducted a test with their audience for bottled and tap water.

people were given 4 different water to test and they were not told which one is tap water and which bottle? People taste all water sample and one sample got 47% vote for better taste and this water sample was not bottled water but tap water of New York City. This blind test was done by ABC’s Good Morning America show.

This proves that tap water is good in taste like bottled water, but in countries where the water treatment system is not good, the water of the bottle will be tastier.

2 Effect on environment

We all know how bad plastic affects the environment. On the other side, tap water does not make much impact on the environment.

Plastic is used to sell bottled water is single-use plastic so after dinking people throw a bottle and due to which a lot of plastic waste gets stored on the earth which is not finished for many years.

Nowadays most plastic bottles can be recycled due to which they can be reused. This cannot prevent plastic pollution, but it can be reduced.

But not all plastic bottles are recycled because people throw them anywhere like in the river, lake, due to which pollution on earth is increased. Do you know the plastic bottle is second most ocean trash which is responsible for water pollution?

3 safety

After listening to this question most people think bottled water is safe because it more expensive but this is not true. As I said earlier in most developed countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. tap water is also safe to drink.

Let’s take the example of the USA, Food and Drugs Administration which is known as the FDA has set some parameters for bottled water. On the other side for tap water, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for making rules and regulations.

If we talk about the strictness of rule than EPA has stricter rules in comparison to the FDA for bottled water. For tap water, potentially-harmful minerals limit has been set by EPA and every year it sends a report to its residents of the city, in which it is told about the purity of the water and it is also told that the water they are supplying is how much pure and what is the percentage of minerals in water?

FDA rules for bottled water are not strict. Bottled water companies do not have to submit annual reports to customers to show their customers how safe is their water and also do not have to tell what process they do to purify the water.

So, the main point is that tap water is as safe as bottled water if your country has strict rules for tap water.

Why I prefer filtered tap water?

When it comes to choosing tap water or bottled water at home than I personally choose tap water because I don’t want to limit my exposure to phthalates, plastic, and BPA in general.

If you think that tap water is not safe then you can use a water filter to make it pure.

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If you are traveling then you can use bottled water but at home, you should avoid it. Don’t think bottled water is not safe for health. Bottled water is totally safe in use but this is not safe for the environment.

As we know how much pollution has been on the earth. If we can contribute a little in reducing this pollution then it will be very good for our upcoming generation.

Tap water is safe to drink. Before reaching our homes, it is cleaned in a water treatment plant. If you still feel that this water is not pure, then you can use a faucet water filter in your kitchen, which will clear the remaining impurities from the water.

Final words

After reading the article, you must have realized that both the waters are good for health. But other factors are also should consider, if we talk about the environment, bottled water is not good for the environment and plastic is one of the biggest reasons for pollution on earth.

Talking about cost, the cost of tap water is less than bottled water. Because of this, your monthly budget also does not deteriorate.

However, if there is doubt in your mind that tap water is not safe to drink, then you can use the filter. By not using bottled water, you can make an important contribution to saving the environment.