Learn Which 5 Mistakes Make Immunity Weak, These Are The Ways To Avoid

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How long you will remain healthy is not decided by a good diet or medicines, but your immunity determines. Yes, today when the whole world is in the grip of an epidemic like coronavirus. Doctors are advising all people to maintain good immunity to stay away from this epidemic. But do you know that often people are making many such mistakes inadvertently that instead of increasing their immunity, they are making them weak? Do you know which are those 5 Common mistakes which can weaken your immune system, let’s know.


If you are also involved in those people who take care of every small thing, then be cautious. Yes, inadvertently, you have become the enemy of your immunity. A study conducted in April 2012 found that people who were under stress were more likely to have a cold and flu. This is because the stress produces cortisol hormone which kills the protective white blood cells present in the body. Due to which the immunity of the person becomes weak.

Lack of good sleep

A research has found that if a person does not get enough sleep for 6 to 8 hours, it can become a reason for weakening his immunity.

People who do not leave the house

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If you are thinking that we are going to advise you to go out of the house in the midst of Corona epidemic here then you are wrong. Yes, out of the house means staying in the sun for a while. According to a study done at Georgetown University in the US, sunlight directly helps to activate key immune cells (T-cells).


This round of lockdown has made most everyone lazy. People excuse their work sometimes for not doing the workouts, sometimes the kitchen work, but by doing so you are doing wrong with your health. According to a study published in Frontiers of Immunology, regular workouts can boost the production of antibodies and white blood cells, which empowers your body to fight infection and keep them from fighting.


If you too are a junk food lover, then this research of University Hospital of Bonn is for you. In this research, it has been reported that a high amount of sodium present in rust food weakens the immunity of a person.

Now end of my article “Common mistakes which can weaken your immune system” if you want to learn more then email me.