Health Tips For Men And Women: Do Not Touch These Parts Of The Body Again And Again, Both Women And Men Can Have These 5 Serious Diseases

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In everyday life, we also include some habits in our daily routine that can give us diseases for free. Therefore, it is being told about some such bad habits, which is very important to leave in time. “Do not touch these parts of the body again and again”.

Do Not Touch These Parts Of The Body Again And Again

People have to face many types of diseases in the changing season. Especially in this era of coronavirus epidemic, it is forbidden to touch various body parts with unsanitized hands. By doing this, the coronavirus infection is reduced manifold. But do you know that both women and men should not touch certain parts of their body in general again and again? Women and men who are victims of these habits can also come in the grip of some serious disease.

Let us know which are the special parts of the body which should not be touched again and again. If you do this too, leave this habit from today itself.



The habit of repeatedly touching the lips dominates women more. She touches these parts of the face many times due to taking special care of her makeup. Some men also fall prey to this habit. This can not only spoil the shape of the lips, but it will also damage the soft skin of lips. Therefore, you should avoid touching your lips again and again.

Do Not Touch The Eye


Eyes are such an important part of our body through which we can see things around us. Some women and men also have a bad habit that they touch their eyes frequently. While doing this, if any germ is present in your hands, it can cause a serious eye infection. So do not touch your eyes again and again.

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Do Not Touch These Parts Of The Body Again And Again Like Nose


Breath is exchanged through the nose to complete the respiratory process. Some people have a habit of repeatedly touching the finger in their nose. It can spread infection in the nose very easily, due to which you may also have respiratory-related diseases. This habit is less common in women than in men. However, both women and men should take special care of this.



Many of his people must have seen that he uses his fingers instead of an ear cleaner to clean his ears. There are many such germs in the fingers of hands that we do not see. These germs can also cause an ear infection. An ear infection can sometimes cause swelling in the throat. This also leads to small infections and swelling of the lymph nodes. So do not touch your ears with your hands without cleaning.

Do Not Touch These Parts Of The Body Again And Again Like Mouth

Do Not Touch These Parts Of The Body Again And Again like Mouth

After eating food, there are many people who use only a finger to clean the food stuck in their mouths. Along with this strange feeling, it can deliver many types of diseases directly to the body. Therefore, those who have such a habit should start trying to leave it from today itself. Dirty bacteria on the hands can also impair digestion. Use only warm water or mouthwash to clean the mouth.


Do Not Touch These Parts Of The Body Again And Again like Navel

You will feel strange to hear this, but there will be some people around you who may appear itching in their navel while talking. By doing this, the risk of stomach ache is highest. Not only this, sometimes there is an infection in the navel and for this, medical treatment is also needed. Therefore, you should avoid doing it yourself and if someone is doing it in front of you, then stop it from doing it as well.