Giloy Increases Immunity, Heals Fever, Control Diabetes, Relief in arthritis, Enhances Beauty

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Giloy Is Amrita. Giloy Keeps You Healthy And Inhances Your Beauty

Health Benefits Of Giloy: Giloy is the only vine that you can call a hundred merge medicine. Hence it is named Amrita in Sanskrit. It is said that during the churning of the ocean between the gods and the demons, when the nectar came out and the drops of this nectar spilled, Giloy originated there.

Health Benefits Of Giloy
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Its botanical name is Tinospora cordifolia. Its leaves look like betel leaves. Its benefits are described in Ayurveda, which not only keeps you healthy but also enhances your beauty. Come Know the benefits of Giloy…

Giloy increases immunity

Giloy is a vine that increases the immunity of a person and keeps him away from diseases. It contains a lot of antioxidants, which act to flush out toxins from the body. It cleanses the blood, fights bacteria. Good liver and kidney care is also one of Giloy’s many tasks. Both these organs work to clean the blood.

Health Benefits Of Giloy- Heals fever

If someone suffers from recurrent fever, he should take Giloy. Giloy helps fight every type of fever. Therefore, patients with dengue are also advised to take Giloy. Besides dengue, malaria also relieves Giloy from the swine flu fever.

Health Benefits Of Giloy – for patients with diabetes

Benefits of Giloy - for patients with diabetes
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Giloy is a hypoglycemic agent, ie it reduces blood sugar levels. Therefore, its intake reduces blood sugar levels, which benefits type 2 diabetes patients.

Increases digestive power

This vine conducts all the functions of the digestive system well and helps in the process of digestion of food. This prevents the person from constipation and other stomach upsets.

Lowers stress

Stress or stress has become a major problem in this period of fierce competition. Giloy acts as an adaptogen and reduces the level of mental stress and anxiety (anxiety). With its help, not only improves memory but also the functioning of the brain remains healthy and concentration increases.

Health Benefits Of Giloy- Increases eyesight

Eye shadow increases when applying Giloy over the eyelids. For this you have to heat Giloy Powder in water. When the water cools down, apply it on the eyelids.

Beneficial in asthma

Asthma suffers a lot of trouble on the change of weather, especially in winter. In such cases, asthma patients should regularly chew Giloy’s thick stem or drink its juice. This will give them a lot of rest.

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Relief in arthritis

In arthritis, arthritis not only causes joint pain, but also has trouble in walking. Giloy has anti-arthritic properties, due to which it benefits in many symptoms including joint pain.

If you have anemia, then take Giloy

Giloy Amrita vine

Indian women often suffer from anemia i.e. anemia. This makes them feel tired and weak all the time. Consumption of Giloy increases the number of red blood cells in the body and relieves anemia.

Health Benefits Of Giloy | Belly fat will be reduced

Giloy cures the metabolism of the body, reduces inflammation and increases digestive power. Due to this, fat does not accumulate around the stomach and you lose weight.

Giloy enhances beauty

Giloy is not only very beneficial for health, but it also miraculously affects the skin and hair….

Giloy holds his youth

holds your youth
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Giloy has anti-aging properties, which can help remove dark spots, pimples, fine lines and wrinkles from the face. With this, you can get such glowing and glowing skin, which is desired by everyone. If you apply it on the skin, the wounds heal very quickly. To apply on the skin, make a paste by grinding the leaves of Giloy. Now boil a little neem or castor oil in a vessel. Mix leaves paste in hot oil. Apply on the wound after cooling. Applying this paste also tightens the skin.

Hair problem will also be removed

If you are struggling with hair fall, hair fall or other scalp skin problems, then Giloy intake will also help you to overcome these problems.

Use Giloy in this way: –

Now you know the benefits of Giloy, so also know how to use Giloy…

Giloy Juice

Peel the Giloy sticks and grind them well in a grinder with water. Sieve and drink on an empty stomach in the morning. Giloy juice of different brands is also available in the market.


Cut Giloy’s stem four inches long into small pieces. Grind them and boil them in a cup of water. When the water is half, filter it and drink it. You can also add cloves, ginger, basil for more benefits.


So Giloy Powder is available in the market. You can also make it at home. For this, dry the stems of Giloy well in the sun. After drying, grind it in a grinder and make powder.

Giloy Vati

Giloy tablets i.e. tablets also come in the market. If fresh Giloy is not available at or near your home, then you should consume them.

Now end of my article “Health Benefits Of Giloy”. If you want to know more about Giloy then email me.