After all, how important is sex to us?

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Sex … On hearing these words, if someone starts hiding his face, then someone starts to squirm. The issue of physical relations between humans is very complicated. It is very difficult to understand or tell it in a simple way. The number of people in the world, the same kind of physical desires. Expectations and fantasies about their sex more than that.  The Question is After all, how important is sex to us? Every country, every region and even every person’s desire for physical relationships is completely different.

Now in the matter which is so complicated, it is even more difficult to tell what is normal sex. The scope of people’s choice about sex is so different and large that no definitive conclusions can be reached.

What is a normal ‘sex life’? To find the answer to this question, we have looked at some data and tried to reach some rough results. Like how much sex do we need to have or how do we expect our partner to behave in bed?

Before we tell you the results of this effort, first of all, understand that these are rough estimates, no concrete results. The reason is simple. People living in an open society also shy away from talking openly about sex. Some hide the truth, and some exaggerate the false claims as a reality. So, you should consider these figures as an average estimate. Let us once again tell that from any survey we cannot reach concrete conclusions about sex.

The first question is how much sex do we want to have?

how much sex do we want to have?

In response to this, we have considered these figures according to which different people have different needs. But there are some people in the world who never feel the need for sex. This figure can range from four percent to three percent of the total population. However, roughly knowledgeable people say that about one percent people are not interested in sex at all. Although these people also have had sex at some time.

Then comes the interest in homosexual relationships. According to a rough estimate, around fifteen percent of people worldwide want to have a gay relationship. Among them are women and men too.

This figure can also change according to your question. For example, if you measure attraction or vibe, then you will get another answer. Talking about identity, a different figure will be found. If we talk about homosexual behavior then this figure will change again.

But fifteen percent of people are interested in homosexual relationships, this is considered broadly.

The next question comes with whom do you form a physical relationship?

Interesting answers have also come to this question. It is often believed that casual sex often results from the collision of two unknown people. But the truth is far from it. The ‘one night stand’ which is discussed a lot is actually very less. People also think that such relationships are only in trend among the youth. However, according to a 2009 US survey, the figures of ‘One Night Stand’ among the elderly are equal to the youth. This means that for half the population, the matter is a bit complicated.

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According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the highest 53% of people have sex with long-term partners. At the same time, twenty-four percent people form relationships with a casual partner.

The number of people having sex with friends is said to be 12 percent. So only nine percent of people have sex with strangers. Contrary to all estimates, only two percent of sex workers have sex.

The next question we tried to find the answer is, how often do we have sex?

how often do we have sex?

Statistics from the Global Sex Survey in the United States say that forty percent of people have sex one to three times a week. At the same time 28 percent people once or twice a month. Only six and a half percent of people have physical relationships four or more times a week. At the same time, 18 percent are those who have not had sex even once in the last one year. Eight percent are those who have sex once a year.

By the way, the desire for sex decreases with increasing age. But one of the most shocking things that came out of this survey is that there are many elders who have sex more than the youth. Many people have sex twice a month and about eleven per cent people once a week. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 86 percent of women and 80 percent of men have normal sex. This claim has been cited by the report of a survey conducted in America. In which the opinion of about two thousand people between the age of 18 to 59 years was known. According to this survey, 67 percent of women and 80 percent of men have oral sex.

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Talking about the time it takes to have sex, normal couples spend fifteen to thirty minutes in it. Gay men take the same time. At the same time, lesbian women spend the most thirty to forty minutes in sex. Well there is one more thing. Lesbian women make fewer physical relationships than gay men or normal couples. This claim has been made by quoting a survey conducted in Canada and USA.

If sex is discussed and there is no talk of orgasm, how can this happen?

sex is discussed and there is no talk of orgasm

It is generally believed that women make false orgasm claims. Often to please his men. Many times because his ego does not get hurt. But, the Journal of Sex Research says that not only women, sometimes men also lie about orgasm.

In women, the claim of ‘fake organism’ is fifty percent, while half of it is 25 percent among men. According to the Journal of Sex Research, the reason for the false orgasm of men is more or less similar to that of their female partners. So that their sex partner does not mind.

Despite having no mind, men had to have sex many times, so they falsely claimed to have an orgasm, only to keep the mind of their partner. However, only twenty percent of the men who did so thought that their female partner would also lie about the organism. What happened? Based on these figures, you became more confused about sex. Therefore, it is better that you understand your experience, your partner’s wishes, and do not worry about others.