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Kirsten Vangsness is an author of children’s books who works with many other authors to publish the story into a graphic novel format. The variety of projects is what attracted her to writing children’s books. Kirsten had written and submitted her first book, “My Friend Dora” to three publishers. One of the three publishers rejected the book because the theme was unsuitable for children.

This was a big surprise to Kirsten. Children were not in line to read the book about a friend of hers. So she took the rejection and learned to look at things from other people’s perspectives.

She wanted to write more stories that would reach different voices. She wanted to write from children’s’ eyes. When she started her children’s books, Kirsten wanted to put that into practice.

Kirsten Vangsness Author Of Children’s Books Character

Kirsten Vangsness author of children's books
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The first character she created in the book was a little girl named Ana who came from a Spanish family. The father was working on a ranch with his sister and the mother who was a homemaker was away at work. They all lived with their two children, five-year-old Anna, and eight-year-old Sergio.

Ana knew very little about the life outside of her home. The book was mainly used to give children a chance to know more about themselves by setting them in a different environment. Ana’s mother didn’t let her out of her sight and Ana couldn’t understand why the other children would want to do such things as going outside or getting something to eat.

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After Ana’s mother went home, she stayed with her sister. The new house brought new toys and the little girl had a chance to play with a much larger set of toys than before. All the new things came with a price.

Kirsten’s sixth book

Kirsten’s sixth book, “Lola & Lulu” was adapted into a movie with the same characters and setting. Kirsten kept all the characteristics of the original story but made it a fun little movie that everyone could enjoy. This became another series of books for Kirsten and her publisher.

Kirsten Vangsness has grown with the popularity of the children’s book genre by making it interesting to young children. She uses her children’s writing to bring their stories to life. Kirsten’s books have been translated into several languages and have sold in the millions.

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