Kirsten Vangsness Wedding- A Special Guest At Kirsten Vangsness

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On February 26, 2020 the author of one of my favorite books asked me to be the honored guest in her wedding to Kirsten Vangsness. Since then I have done my best to keep myself and my involvement in the Vangsness family well hidden, in a way that doesn’t necessarily undermine the family or the reputation of my hero. I have also avoided any public interview or publicity regarding this day in which I was asked to be so honored.

Kirsten Vangsness has been in my thoughts since I was eleven years old. In a small town in Pennsylvania where I spent most of my time catching the next commuter train, she was my favorite and the one that I devoted most of my attention to. During those summers between school years and high school, I had a copy of her book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet and Computers on my nightstand.

There were times when I read the book and wondered if the author, Kirsten Vangsness, would ever learn about computers and how she could ever hope to beat them. But, as she grew older, I began to think that maybe she had grown beyond the geeks over-enthusiasm she displayed in her book. That made me wonder if this was really the year for her to get married. The thought of an honor meted out to the author of one of my favorite books gave me an idea: It was time for Kirsten Vangsness to become a super-model, and I was going to be a part of it.

Kirsten Vangsness Wedding
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So many people know who Kirsten Vangsness is, and in a larger sense, she is the face of women’s fashion. But in a smaller, more personal sense, the actress, singer, model, and actress, Kirsten Vangsness, is someone who actually has an impact on many people and helps to change their lives.

In the past few years, she has been featured in various magazines and newspapers, as well as on television, and in movies such as Dianne Lyon: The Intimate Lady, in which she played a character whose daughter was killed in the terrorist attacks of September 11th. In the movie, a great deal of my admiration for Vangsness was captured by her in the role of Diane Lyon, who we met while we were filming.

That’s not to say that Kirsten Vangsness is solely responsible for my confidence level in appearance. There have been many influences in my life since I started growing my hair longer, wearing tighter clothing, and making the decision to wear my hair up, and that includes Kirsten Vangsness. But, there is no doubt that being in a movie with a celebrity like Dianne Lyon is the most important of all the things that have happened in my life since my teens.

When I was sixteen, I moved to New York City, which at the time was a place that I really didn’t know, nor could I understand. It was a place where I first found friends and a new way of seeing things, and my life has really changed for the better since then.

When I was asked to be the featured guest at the wedding of Kirsten Vangsness, it wasn’t really because I was asked, but rather it was a unique opportunity to see the real Kirsten Vangsness, and in the film, Diane, I got to meet her. That relationship between Kirsten Vangsness and Diane Lyon changed my life, and I believe that the most important things that have come my way since then have been directly influenced by Kirsten Vangsness.