5 Outdoor Activities To Lose Weight.

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If you have grown tired of staying inside and need a reason to venture out, then we got 5 such excuses for you.

These excuses/activities will not only allow you to spend some quality time outdoors, but also make you appreciate the sunlight, fresh air, and a healthy toned body.

Regardless of age, nationality, and ethnicity weight is something that plagues everyone indiscriminately. So if you are not a gym enthusiast but still want to lose weight then I suggest you stay tuned.

As in this article, we shall discuss 5 such outdoor activities that are poised to make you lose some weight.

  1. Rock climbing.

Rock climbing is certainly not an easy task. However, if you are willing to fight your fear of heights and get your whole body worked out then you should definitely go for it.

Given that rock climbing is a strenuous physical endeavor it will not only help you in burning calories (lots of them) but also boosts your stamina to a greater extent.

Provided that you make this activity a part of your routine.

If you are new at rock climbing then I suggest you choose a supervised facility where they ensure your safety with a harness and other safety equipment.

  • Cycling.

One of the best ways to burn calories is through cycling.

It is low-impact, easy on the joints, and effective fat burner nonetheless.

These days’ e-bikes have taken precedence over the conventional ones, particularly the foldable-bikes as they are not only convenient to use but also convenient to store.

On top of that they are cost-effective as well, so getting a foldable electric bike under $1000 for women and men shouldn’t be a hassle.

With cycling, you can maintain your overall mental and physical well-being while simultaneously keeping the environment clean.

  • Swimming.

Considered as one of the top cardio workouts, swimming is another efficient way to lose some of those annoying weight.

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Due to the surface tension of water, you would have to put in more effort to keep yourself afloat which creates a subsequent process of fat burning and muscle building.

  • Stairs climbing.

As experts say when it comes to working out the best weight is your body weight, and what better way than to use your bodyweight upward at an incline against gravity.

Stair workout burns your fat a lot quicker than any other cardio workout does.

To put things in perspective if a person weighing around 155lbs runs up and down the stairs for 60 minutes, then that person is likely to burn more than 1,000 calories.

So find some stairs either in a high-rise, parking garage, or your high school stadium and get going.

  • Rope jumping.

It is one of those days where you feel lazy to leave the house.

In that case, just step out to your backyard (I’m sure you can manage that) with a jump/skipping rope and reap all the cardio workout benefits right beside your comfort zone.

Simple as it seems but jump rope is very effective in strengthening your shoulders and back while carving your thighs and calves.

Studies have shown that jumping rope results in fat loss, especially around your abs and trunk since you pull your core tight while jumping.


To sum it up, you can lose weight without hitting the gym or running on cardio equipment (no offense to any cardio workout equipment).

Though, the much better alternative would be to burn some calories while enjoying nature.

Good sleep leads to better metabolism which in turn affects your body weight, and spending some quality time outdoors helps with impaired sleep cycle (especially if you’re a poor sleeper).

So follow these activities listed above to get rid of weight problems.

Lastly staying hydrated is crucial so drink lots of water, and don’t forget to apply some sunscreen.