Sherry Yard Awards- Edible Recipes to the Top Four Contestants

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The Sherry Yard – Awarding the Edible Recipes to the Top Four Contestants

The Sherry Yard is a worldwide collection of food-related recipes, and the Sherry Yard Awards is part of this website. The Awards are given to the recipes that the most passionate fans and professional chefs can vote for, which in turn earn a place on the official awards list.

The award that the Sherry Yard has chosen to reward is the Edible Recipes Award, and this is the second time that this award has been presented. It is due to their dedication and hard work that the award is named after them, and it has been stated that those that have succeeded in making their recipes so appealing that are already considered classics.

The Edible Recipes Award is awarded to the Chef’s Championship from the Sherry Yard. This year, the ‘Chef’s Championship’ event was held in August. The top 4 contestants were subjected to a round-robin tournament that is said to be both a psychological test and a lot of fun.

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The winner of the Sherry Yard’s Edible Recipes Award was their Mr. Marlon who, with the help of his whole family, combined with a great love for food with a natural talent. His food is filled with the flavors of his Spanish grandmothers and with plenty of ingredients that were grown on the property that he has owned for quite some time.

Robert, a resident of the New Jersey area, moved to the Caribbean to open his own restaurant. He opened up a small store and started selling Peruvian salt and Peruvian soap. While this will not guarantee a good business, it did enable him to expand his business greatly, which has allowed him to open up a popular restaurant where he is currently employed.

This year, Robert became the third person to be given the Edible Recipes Award by the Sherry Yard. The other two recipients were, “The Dr” and, of course, Louis Pignatelli.

Before he moved to the Caribbean, Mr. Marlon had worked as a private chef and waiter in various establishments, including the Ritz Carlton, St. Regis and The Trump Hotel. He took over the business and his dream with pride and has made it a truly successful business, with the staff he has and the menu he serves.

The award is only a fraction of the hard work that he put into his restaurant, and a big congratulations to the man that makes the award possible, and to the Sherry Yard for believing in him and giving him their award. Keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds alert, because the more people that know about the delicious food that Robert and his family serve, the more that they will continue to cook it!

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