Sherry Yard Husband Edward M. Ines

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The American Chef Sherry Yard Husband

In the American Chef Sherry Yard Husband, American chef Sherry Yard (Edward M. Ines) is torn between her longtime relationship with her friend and artistic husband, and her budding career as a professional chef. Whiplash is a memoir of a heart-to-heart conversation between Sherry and her husband; an exploration of the relationships in her life; and a story about eating. As a memoir it is a lot of fun to read; as a culinary tour, it is almost too long. I love my American chef Sherry Yard Husband, but it is almost a good book; it just never stops being a mystery.

Sherry Yard is a chef who works for a famous Italian restaurant. She has a bad reputation as a sloppy housekeeper; she has not performed up to her expectations. Her restaurant has never received a positive review, but she has been promoted to the executive chef. It is hard for her to believe this because her friends have all left her for better-looking chefs. It is a very familiar story; she tells it in a very upbeat and interesting way.

She is soon confronted with a unique job; that of a reporter. This opportunity to write about the kitchen in the restaurant has a very interesting edge on it. A true professional restaurant chef and experienced food writer will definitely appreciate this; after all, it is the true American dream. Her ex-husband turns out to be the owner of a new restaurant, and he hires her to do the food writing, because they think it will make her a better cook.

Sherry eats well with her new boss; and with her clientele; and she finds herself eating like an animal. The food is amazing; she is shocked to see that this food cannot be found in America.

The food is so good, and the money is amazing, that Sherry becomes a true star of the news. The articles about her are getting attention, and she’s getting enough business to make her very rich.

For the first time in her life, she can afford to move her family out of their Chicago home, and go live in a new job. She is excited, and she wants to get to know her new neighbors. But when she arrives at her new apartment, she is greeted by a movie star.

The celebrity chef introduces herself as Sherry Knight, but her real name is Sherry Warden. She loves traveling, and she likes to be able to eat whatever she wants whenever she wants. She wants to see America’s heartland, and she wants to show the American people how to eat like Americans. So she takes Sherry on a road trip across America, to see her favorite dishes.

We follow Sherry and her entourage, as they do the ride from one city to the next, and we follow their food. It is very interesting to watch them eat – both in restaurants and in homes, and in hotels. It is also fun to see Sherry choose restaurants in each town and to watch her taste those special foods.