If You Have a Kidney Stone, Then Make a Distance From These Things

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Today, every fifth sixth person suffers from kidney problems. If you pay attention in time, then kidney stones and their pain can be avoided. If you want to avoid kidney stones then eat homemade food. Drink as much water as possible, always drink water while sitting. But if kidney stone has become due to any reason, then pay more attention to your diet, because igniting it can cause problems for you by going into the stone urine pipe. Due to which you may also face urinary infection or kidney infection problems. So let’s know today, what are the things you should stay away from if you have a kidney stone …


Spinach contains a lot of calcium, which is the diet responsible for increasing the size of kidney stones. Those who have a stone in their kidneys, they should minimize the intake of calcium-rich things. Failure to do so may lead to problems related to urine.


Kidney stone patients will have to stay away from chocolate. The oxalate elements present in chocolate are responsible for aggravating kidney problems.


Some people think that kidney patients should not eat them due to seeds in tomatoes, but this is not the case. In fact, like spinach and chocolate, tomato also contains oxalate elements, which are responsible for increasing kidney stones and causing stomach aches.


Excess intake of salt-rich substances can also increase the problem of stones. Actually, salt takes the form of calcium in the stomach, due to which the problem of stones can increase further. In this case, the amount of salt should also be kept in the diet.


Protein is found to be uncountable in any type of non-veg, protein-like calcium also works to increase stones. Do not consume non-veg or seafood any type of high protein food more than 1 times a week.

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Tea Coffee

The caffeine present in tea and coffee is the diet responsible for increasing the size of the stones. Patients with stones should avoid consuming tea and coffee on an empty stomach.

Edible Ingredients:

Kidney stone patients cereals include wheat, rice, pulses of gooseberry, pomegranate (extracted seeds) in fruits, papaya, and capsicum in vegetables, onion, cucumber, squash, pointed gourd, zucchini, bitter gourd, pumpkin, radish pickle, Cucumber, etc. can be consumed. Apart from this, whenever you eat a meal, always eat light and olive food. Apart from this, if you feel light-headed, you can eat biscuits of oats with lemon tea.